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To check on the latest telematics, mobile data and field service news on our web site, you can now take advantage of our RSS news feed*.

If you already understand RSS feeds

We have just one RSS channel at the moment. It lists the top stories on our site at any given time. We may add more in future. Here's the link:

RSS m.logistics RSS feed

If you're new to RSS feeds

RSS feeds are intelligent bookmarks that you set up on your own computer. Instead of always linking to the same fixed page on a given web site, they automatically list the latest news headlines. Clicking one takes you directly to the web page in question (bypassing the home page).

If you have the latest version of Internet Explorer, or any recent version of Firefox, Opera or Safari, clicking the link above should open a setup page within your browser. The body of this page may display basic links to our latest stories, but you won't normally view them in this way.

The key is to "subscribe" to our feed, which you'll be able to do in your browser. This doesn't actually involve signing up to anything; it just means you set up a link in the browser to access the feed faster in future.

Once you've done that, you will be able to view our latest story headings at any time in a drop-down list, just by clicking a link or tab in your browser. You only come to our web site to view the whole story.

If you use Google Chrome or other browsers without built-in RSS support, you will need an RSS browser plug-in or a stand-alone RSS reading application. There are many free applications out there.

Having installed your RSS reader, you then need to set it up with the link to our feed above. In Windows you can copy this by right-clicking on the link, then clicking 'Copy Shortcut'. Then you can paste it wherever it is required in your new software


*RSS is generally thought to stand for Really Simple Syndication.