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Subs promotion



Printed display and classified advertising and sponsorship.

Online banner and button advertising and sponsorship.

Targeted direct mailing and emailing.

Mail and email list rental.

Editorial, design and publlishing services.


We support and participate in selected industry events relating to our main areas of expertise







m.logistics magazine

m.logistics is the first and only magazine to draw together the strands of the mobile revolution in transport and field service. In the office, warehouse or truck cab, whether for delivery drops or sales and service calls, we can help guide you through the maze of hardware, software and networking technologies and strategies. We do this in print, online and through our newsletter, On Track and On Target.

Who we are

Spice Court Publications Group is a small independent UK-based publishing business. It is privately held, and owned by its management. Affiliated companies include Spice Court Publications Ltd and Ivory Square Publications Ltd.

What we do

We produce printed business magazines in niche areas of logistics, and we run related web sites, complete with popular editorial archives. We also publish annual listings guides, run an online recruitment service, and distribute email newsletters.




Fulfilment & e.logistics  
Quartlery magazine plus editorial web site

Multi-channel fulfilment and home and small freight delivery.



Bi-monthly magazine plus editorial web site

Telematics + mobile computing in logistics, transport and field service.



Telematics & Mobile Data
Annual guide + searchable online listings

Listings and editorial on suppliers of telematics and tracking systems, field service and a dozen other categories.



Fulfilment Guide
Annual guide + searchable online listings

Listings and editorial on outsourced fulfilment specialists, plus unattended delivery systems, fulfilment software and related products.


Delivery Resource Centre logo
Delivery Resource Centre
Carrier lookup and delivery solutions

'Mix and match' carrier service lookup grid, plus similar service for unattended and deferred delivery solutions. Developed with IMRG.



Fulfilling Jobs
Low-cost searchable executicve recruitment

Online executive recruitment advertisements for employers and agents.


FollowUpOnline logo
Links to all suppliers mentioned in print

Clickable links to suppliers mentioned in advertising and editorial, plus 'one-hit' online form for requesting information from them.