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Low-cost on-board navigation (March/April 2004)

LXE goes .NET with latest handhelds and truck-mount (March/April 2004)

Lorry road user charging postponed (March/April 2004)

Operators "need real benefits from in-cab technology," FTA's Turner insists (March/April 2004)

Truckers want m-way toll slashed or dropped (March/April 2004)

German toll disarray (March/April 2004)

British Gas mobilises 8,000 field workers (March/April 2004)

Good for you - and fun (March/April 2004)

FTA threatens to sue European Commission over tachs (March/April 2004)

Working time enlightenment online (March/April 2004)

Mobile data charging: depends what it is (March/April 2004)

Real-time mobile solution for Parcelforce (March/April 2004)

RFID Forum is back in June (March/April 2004)

NATO trial gives boost to RFID tracking (March/April 2004)

Siemens picks Pinnacle, Cognito to manage traffic signal engineers (March/April 2004)

Phone-based navigation on the way from Orange (March/April 2004)

Telematics take centre stage at CV Show (March/April 2004)

DaimlerChrysler relaunches Fleetboard (March/April 2004)

GPS and GSM tracking together in Positionamobile service, ... as ICS offers Mapbyte tracking technology (March/April 2004)

Navman pares down tracking prices, adds affordable texting (March/April 2004)

Siemens switches to GSM for TrakBak launch (March/April 2004)

New drivers start here (March/April 2004)

Mapminder streamlines online service (March/April 2004)

Psion Teklogix launches Tablet offering, ... as entry-level Workabout is upgraded (March/April 2004)

Datalogic"s DOS handheld goes Wi-Fi (March/April 2004)

Handheld that thinks it"s a PDA (March/April 2004)

Sleeker headset, battery monitor from Vocollect (March/April 2004)

Commitment offers O"Neil mobile printers (March/April 2004)

Wi-Fi wireless printing speeds Toshiba portable performance (March/April 2004)

Magellan in-cab navigator from Thales, ...and from TomTom (March/April 2004)

Built-in navigation in Mitac PDA (March/April 2004)

Mobile-based navigation, with scheduling thrown in (March/April 2004)

Mobile job management for same-day carriers (March/April 2004)

Optrak adds dynamic scheduling with Wireless Delivered (March/April 2004)

Tail-lift field management system on general release (March/April 2004)

Depot access control from Maple (March/April 2004)

Instant credit card verification from Talecom (March/April 2004)

Two thousand HHP handhelds to manage German rail freight wagons (March/April 2004)

Hull regeneration team goes wireless (March/April 2004)

Forest Freight launches asset tracking system (March/April 2004)

Tracking down to the very last egg (March/April 2004)

Tracking "helps Nisa control congestion bills" (March/April 2004)

RF WMS at Vision Express NDC (March/April 2004)

Speedmail tracks to keep post on time (March/April 2004)

Telcontar"s map engine boosts speech-based navigation (March/April 2004)

Aplicom updates development platform (March/April 2004)

Mobile programming "without wireless expertise" (March/April 2004)

RFID evaluated for you (March/April 2004)

a.p.solve becomes Vidus (March/April 2004)

Prolog and Sidewinder collaborate on mobile solutions (March/April 2004)


Smartphones - all things to all users? (March/April 2004)

Tolls and charging - the good and bad news (March/April 2004)

Wet, dirt, heat and cold and shock - maybe you don"t mind them, but does your PC? (March/April 2004)

Taking tracking to a hire plane (March/April 2004)

PDAs - power toys or productivity tools? (March/April 2004)

Smarter service for same-day couriers (March/April 2004)

Lorry road-user charging myths exposed (March/April 2004)

Evaluation: Microsoft Mobile for Smartphones (March/April 2004)


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