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Issue 34   April/May 2008


Welcome to the new m.logistics web site! (April/May 08)

'A quarter of fleets now using vehicle tracking' (April/May 08)

Motorola could separate handheld business from phones (April/May 08)

Trimble rebrands @Road in expansion drive (April/May 08)

DPD Ireland rolls out £ million tracking solution (April/May 08)

'Real live photos' in latest satnav device (April/May 08)

Satellite tracking with a difference (April/May 08)

Go-ahead for airborne mobile comms (April/May 08)

Mobile broadband on coaches (April/May 08)

'Think who might be listening,' says Vodafone as it enhances on-train reception (April/May 08)

Multi-million dollar contract as 360 Scheduling enters US market (April/May 08)

Isotrak strengthens logistics analysis credentials (April/May 08)

Masternaut buys software development business (April/May 08)

Cybit takes over German telematics supplier (April/May 08)

MiX emerges as global force in telematics (April/May 08)

O2 launches mobile broadband as Vodafone steps up marketing (April/May 08)

Wireless connectivity 'can mean healthcare savings' (April/May 08)

Mobile printers play key role in patient information roll-out (April/May 08)

Fleet management now for Citroën van operators (April/May 08)

National gazetteer 'could lead to more accurate tracking and mapping' (April/May 08)

Tesco combats attacks with Wire3 tracking (April/May 08)

Tough PDA-style handheld from Getac (April/May 08)

'Explorer' credentials for lightweight Unitech handheld (April/May 08)

Convertible Toughbook 19 gets Core Duo treatment (April/May 08)

Datalogic Jet approved for Windows Mobile 6 (April/May 08)

Low bridge warning from RTL (April/May 08)

Precise tracking in your warehouse (April/May 08)

'Push to talk' gets a further boost (April/May 08)

More seamless performance on TETRA networks (April/May 08)

Lightest fully rugged laptop? (April/May 08)

Satamatics upgrades all-in-one tracker as it hits 50,000 sales (April/May 08)

FollowUs appoints Wyless to streamline its tracking systems (April/May 08)

SupaTrak tracking linked with job despatch system (April/May 08)

Mandata offers configurable black box and enhances software (April/May 08)

Workshop document management from Microlise (April/May 08)

'Plug and go' tracking and remote diagnostics for car fleets (April/May 08)

Better road-speed data now available (April/May 08)

Hosted shrink-wrapped POD system 'in a fortnight' (April/May 08)

Near and far - Motorola's versatile scanners (April/May 08)

Coach firm adopts tracking as part of fleet management package (April/May 08)

Digital pen technology speeds up donation handling (April/May 08)

Iveco streamlines breakdown response with mobile solution (April/May 08)

Food processing group to roll out mobile solution (April/May 08)

Mobile data system 'having a huge impact,' courier company says (April/May 08)

Traffic monitoring company tracks its own fleet (April/May 08)

Crane care company raises its game with field service solution (April/May 08)

ClickSoftware and Aspective work together on mobile workforce package (April/May 08)

Recognition for Momail mobile email (April/May 08)

Momote works with Fleetwood on mobile solutions (April/May 08)

HTML push emails from emoze (April/May 08)

Smarter mobile data processing from Savi (April/May 08)

Better Working Time Directive support from MapMechanics (April/May 08)

Smarter scheduling from PTV (April/May 08)

PTV claims first with Navteq Transport integration (April/May 08)

Advanced searching and querying in latest Sybase mobile data product (April/May 08)


Always in view (April/May 08)

Job scheduling - dynamically yours (April/May 08)

Tapping into efficiencies (April/May 08)

How Anglian met the meter replacement challenge with Mysys (April/May 08)

Evaluation: Slim pickings - Casio DT-X7 slimline laser scanner (April/May 08)

Smarter, greener and more interactive - new-generation telematics systems on show (April/May 08)

Wi-Fi in the warehouse (April/May 08)

Greening your transport by sweating your scheduling harder (April/May 08)


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