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18 June 2012

UPS to fit telematics in its UK van fleet

Parcels giant UPS is fitting a new  telematics systems in its UK vehicles.

The company has timed the announcement to coincide with the run-up to the Olympic Games, for which it holds the role of official logistics and express delivery supporter. It says the system will help increase efficiency during London 2012, which has served as "a welcome catalyst". However, there is an ongoing programme to fit the system throughout the UK fleet.

According to Cindy Miller, managing director for the UK, Ireland & Nordics: "This technology will continuously be capturing data on more than 200 vehicle-related elements, effectively turning them into ‘rolling laboratories.’"

UPS is presenting this step as one of a series of measures aimed at enhancing its sustainability credentials. It is also adding dual-fuel biomethane-diesel vehicles and electric vehicles to its dedicated London 2012 fleet, and is setting up various alternative transport modes for deliveries. These include a bicycle programme and on-foot deliveries, as well as use of the Thames for transporting items to the Olympic and Paralympic Village.

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UPS was a pioneer user of mobile computers (see news item on DIAD below), but paradoxically has held back until now from extending this philosophy to remote monitoring of vehicles themselves. This development brings the company into line with the growing numbers of transport operators already using telematics.

We did ask UPS for more details on the telematics system it is using, but it was not prepared to give us any information.


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