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18 June 2012

Wide-load movements without tears

Abnormal-load movements such as the one shown in our picture, which was handled by Hutchinson Engineering Services, can take a lot of planning, and may involve reconciling mapping and other information from many separate sources. Anyone who has ever done it will know how complex and time-consuming it can be.

Nottingham-based StreetMapper has a better way. Using its mobile laser mapping system in conjunction with advanced computer aided design software, the company can create real world 3D visualisations of proposed routes, modelling the clearance envelope of the vehicle and its proximity to possible obstructions.

In essence, StreetMapper’s Clearance Detection Module simulates the abnormal load’s progress along the route, identifying height and width restrictions and highlighting potential collision objects.

The system can be applied on a one-off basis to test a proposed route. This can be surveyed at normal traffic speeds, without disruption to other road users, in a single pass. The billions of individual measurements captured by StreetMapper are then processed to create a 3D model of the entire route.

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The company uses vehicle-mounted lasers offering a 360-degree field of view, generating high-precision mapping to a range of 300 metres. It has a capacity of 550,000 measurements per second per sensor, and claims that recorded accuracies in independent real-world projects are better than 10 millimetres.



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