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16 August 2012

Maintenance-focused telematics on the way from Volvo Trucks

Volvo's Christian Gustavsson

Volvo has announced a system called Telematics Gateway, which aims to deliver information about vehicle systems and performance in real time to the operator’s workshop.

According to Christian Gustavsson, Volvo Trucks’ head of service in Sweden: "With these new communication facilities on board the trucks, the workshop receives continuous information about wear on a number of components."

The system allows the workshop’s service technicians to check how much mileage the truck has covered and how quickly the various components are being worn out.

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As an example, Gustavsson cites brake pad wear, explaining that the system can alert fleet engineers to impending failure in time for them to replace components before they wear out.

Volvo has supplied an advanced telematics system called Dynafleet for many years. This new system appears at first sight to replicate some of its functions, but Dynafleet focuses more on driver activity, whereas the new Telematics Gateway will be a more automated system, delivering information on vehicle components and systems transparently.

The system is not due for launch until next year, and the company says its functions will be gradually extended over time. It is not clear yet whether it will be available as an integrated package, compete with Dynafleet elements, or will remain entirely separate.


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